Carnival of 5 Fires

Carnival of 5 Fires

Past Productions

April 26-May 13, Becky's New Car,

In which I appeared in a long, black veil the night Levon Helm died...
At The Public Theater of Kentucky

Immersive Haunted Theater:

Mitch and Leslie Plumlee as Western State Inmates c. 1880

Dinner With the Ghosts of Western State Asylum,
(an inspiration for John Carpenter's 'Halloween')
Halloween Night at Mariah's Haunted Restaurant, see program for more details.

Seance Dinner Theater...

Directing the Mojo Sideshow
photo by Ron Smith

Lonesome Liz's Mojo Sideshow, a multi-media production featuring Wes Freed, Molly Crabapple and more at Gallery 5, Richmond, Va, (Writer, Director, 'Faust')

more Past Productions:

The American Dream

PyroLab, Titanic Society, Anything Goes, Richmond, Va

The American Dream, Delovely, Delightful, Durang, Censored on Final Approach, The Well of Horniness, Improv Troupe, (Comedy Caravan), Leon's Aspirations, (winner, Baxter Avenue Film Festival) Louisville, Ky

Bedroom Farce, Talking With, Jake's Women, Post Mortem, Dearly Departed, (Assistant Director), Bowling Green, Ky

No Exit, Chicago, IL

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